Support Policy – Customers

Scope of the Support

  • Customer covers the 1st line, that is user support requests (e.g. user questions) from Customer’s own users.
  • Palette covers the 2nd line, that is support requests from Customer’s “Invoice Administrators” (e.g. admin or technical support).
  • Palette covers the 3rd line, that is support requests that require Centsoft developers.


  • Support by Ticketing System
    A support request by the ticketing portal solution shall include the following information, as applicable:
    – Which company, what invoice number, which supplier
    – A short description of the area, procedure, problem or issue.
    – Was there an error message and when did it occur (what didyou do/click on)
    – Is there any information useful in the Invoice log
    – Attach screenshots that can clarify the request or problem.
  • Support by phone: +1 773 887 6100.
    Available Monday – Friday, excluding Saturday – Sunday and Federal Holidays, between 9 am and 4 pm Central Standard Time (CST).
  • Support by email:
  • For effective management of support, the Customer can dedicate up to three employees from the organization. These three shall be trained to be able to act in the role as “Invoice Administrator” in the Centsoft application. Only these three people are expected to contact Palette support.
  • Support does not include training. If training of Customer’s “Invoice Administrator” support staff or users is needed, then this shall be agreed upon and performed separately. A fee for Professional Services might apply.

Annual fee for support

  • Included in the monthly fee for the Service subscription.
  • There is no additional cost for support. It is include in your monthly subscription fee.