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AP automation is not just about streamlining the handling of supplier invoices. Have better control and improved financial reporting.

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Financial control

Centsoft gives you a complete overview of payables, improving the quality of your financial reporting. Get a clear picture of which transactions are linked to a certain supplier, account, or project.

Search for ANY data

You can search for any word or number on an invoice regardless of where it’s located. Search using traditional fields such as supplier, invoice number, date and serial number.


Centsoft streamlines the workflow from the moment your supplier invoice arrives until the invoice is coded, approved and registered in your ERP or accounting system


Both paper and emailed invoices are processed by Centsoft in the cloud. All of the invoice data you need is captured and entered into an intuitive dashboard.

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Save time
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Automate more

Centsoft’s invoice overview

Validate the invoice data Centsoft has captured and then send it out for approval. Centsoft’s AI learns which codes to suggest.

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Automate the posting
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Have a full overview of the invoice
Centsoft's invoice overview

Seamless approval workflow

Invoices go to the right person in the organization, according to predetermined rules. Is an extra approval required over a certain dollar amount? Handled automatically!

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Smooth approval flow
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Email notification
Seamless approval workflow

Review and recording

Only when the invoice is fully posted and approved does the invoice transfer to the ERP for payment. The finance department can make a final reconciliation before exporting, and review any notes before sending the invoice to your ERP.

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Final control by the Finance department
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Automatic export to your ERP
Review and recording

Approve invoices
wherever you are

Centsoft gives you easy access in and out of the office. Approve your invoices on your computer, tablet or phone.
Easy to Use Accounts Payable Solution

Spend less time handling and approving supplier invoices

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Save Time

Both finance staff as well as approvers save time by working with supplier invoices in an automated workflow

Clearly structured

The invoices are easily located in the overview for both finance and approver.

Invoice retrieval

No need to sift through folders to find your invoices. Our search features allow you to find older invoices online using any parameter.


Double your productivity

Centsoft streamlines the processing of supplier invoices by completely eliminating
time-consuming manual tasks.
Advanced search feature
Search for ANY word or number on invoices.
Easy process
Invoices appear in the dashboard with the data fields populated, you only need to code the invoice and send it out for approval.
AI that develops
In the background, AI will continuously learn which codes to suggest.
Faster approval workflow
Cut in half the time it takes to enter invoice data manually, code invoices, have them approved and recorded in your ERP.
Seamless integrations
We have pre-built integrations to the most popular ERP systems.
Reduce costs
A streamlined supplier invoice processing system both reduces costs and creates time for more higher value work.

More roles

Centsoft Automation is a cloud-based solution that automates invoice processing and approval. Eliminate manual work and free up time for higher value tasks.

Finance Department

Modernize your finance department by automating supplier invoice processing and approval

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IT Department

We take care of the implementation, operation and maintenance of the system. Minimal IT involvement.

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