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Supplier invoice approval made easy

Centsoft makes it easy to manage invoices as an approver. Get started fast with a user-friendly and intuitive system.

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Access everywhere

Access all your invoices from your computer, tablet and phone. Approve with one click, whether you are in the office, at home or in the hammock.

Internal messages

Communicate with your colleagues directly in Centsoft. Add a note to the invoice, send messages to each other internally or email directly from the system with the invoice as an attachment.

Label invoices

Create optional “flags” to remember a task linked to an invoice. These invoices are placed in a folder inside Centsoft. Easily find invoices that are to be re-invoiced, blocked or credited.

Invoice search

Search for any word or number on an invoice, regardless of where on the invoice image the word is. Search using traditional fields such as supplier, invoice number, date and serial number from your ERP.

Easy to get started!

Approve your invoices on laptop, tablet or phone. Search afterwards by using any parameter.

Approval Workflow

Enjoy a simple process for viewing and approving invoices

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Email notification

An email is sent out with a summary of the invoices you have to approve. The email contains a link that allows you to easily click into your invoices.

Access everywhere

Approve your invoices on all devices – computer, smartphone or tablet! Afterwards, you can search for all invoices you have approved in Centsoft.

Email notification when it is time for approval
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Approvers see the invoice on any device

Invoices are sent based on role, amount, cost center, or project. Approvers view the invoice details and approve.

Project managers approve

Approve invoices
wherever you are

Centsoft Automation gives you easy access in and out of the office. Approve your invoices on your computer, tablet or phone.

Easy to use and user-friendly

Centsoft streamlines the management of your supplier invoices by completely eliminating
time-consuming manual tasks.
Intuitive system
Get started in Centsoft quickly. The intuitive workflow is easy to follow.
Access everywhere
Approve from computer, phone or tablet – wherever you are!
Invoice search
The flexible search function lets you search invoices you have approved.
Internal communication
If you have any questions regarding the invoice you can communicate with co-workers or the finance team within Centsoft.
Project tracking
See which invoices are linked to a specific project to quickly reconcile costs.
Email notification
Receive automatic reminders via email when you have invoices to approve, or if unattended invoices are approaching the due date.
Market-leading Accounts Payable Automation

Spend less time on approving invoices


Time efficient

Both finance staff as well as approvers save time by working with supplier invoices in an automated workflow

Clearly structured

The invoices are easily located in the overview for both finance and approver.

Invoice retrieval

No need to sift through folders to find your invoices. Our search features allow you to find older invoices online using any parameter.

More roles

Centsoft Automation is a cloud-based solution that automates invoice processing and approval. Eliminate manual work and free up time for higher value tasks.

Finance Department

Modernize your finance department by automating supplier invoice processing and approval

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IT Department

We take care of the implementation, operation and maintenance of the system. Minimal IT involvement.

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