AP Automation for Quickbooks saves you time and money!

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Invoice Scanning - Invoices are automatically captured and made ready for processing

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Fully automated workflow - include everyone in the process with one click approvals

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Lower your costs by up to 80% - a completely automated accounts payable solution frees up time for more important things - like taking care of customers!

Centsoft AP Automation
Trusted by over 10,000 users!

Quickbooks Accounts payable integration

Easy to use accounts payable automation that integrates with Quickbooks - 24 hour setup!


Quickbooks integration

Quickbooks AP Automation

Robust cloud-based AP automation software that streamlines all of the steps in your accounts payable process. Centsoft streamlines everything from receiving invoices, to capturing and approval, to automatically syncing the information with Quickbooks. Our AI learns and proactively suggests in real time the best way to record and process invoices for fast and easy approval.

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Automatic invoice capture & recording

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Complete automation - no manual entry

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AP approval in the Cloud - via mobile or desktop

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Powerful report engine - collect and print invoices

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Complete integration with Quickbooks

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Search everything - all invoice data is searchable

Create dynamic approval workflows that fits your team

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Artificial intelligence helps you code invoices for payment


"We saved both time and money using Quickbooks invoice automation from Centsoft"

"By automating many of the tasks involved with accounts payable, and by structuring the process in a more efficient way we have managed to save both time and money."

Carin Isacson

CFO - CFD Consulting

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Common Questions

How does Centsoft’s AP automation work?

Invoices are scanned and sent to Centsoft. Centsoft converts all invoice information electronically and suggests the best way to record and process the invoice for fast and easy approval, or if an adjustment is required. Centsoft is integrated with Quickbooks and everything you do in Centsoft is seamlessly updated to Quickbooks without any further action required. That’s how accounts payable automation works.

Is it worth it for us to start using Centsoft AP solution?

You save both time and money by digitalizing your handling of supplier invoices, especially if you do all vendor invoice management manually. Do you receive paper invoices, copy, code and enter manually into Quickbooks? Likewise, if you miss invoices that have disappeared or are late, or you spend time searching for old invoices.

Why should we choose Centsoft’s AP software?

With Centsoft you get the market's best system for managing accounts payable invoices. Our ambition is always to be at the forefront and that translates into time and cost savings for you. It also means that you can continuously develop and optimize your financial processes. Centsoft invoice processing automation gives you access to smart workflows that give you more control, fewer mistakes, saves time, reduces searching and ultimately having a more enjoyable work life.

Common comments from our customers:
“We have saved loads of time”
“We have fewer errors”
“It's easy to learn and even new staff gets the hang of it quickly”
“Centsoft is fast and responsive, with quick support”

How does Centsoft differ from other AP solutions?

That answer depends on what system you compare it with, but most other systems don’t have solutions for all the steps in the accounts payable process Centsoft does, such as:

• Centsoft offers automatic invoice coding and approval of recurring invoices

• Find old invoices fast with free text search for all the information on an invoice

• Ability to easily compile all appendices for invoices by the end of a project

• Navigation is clear with an intuitive layout

• The approval workflow is easy for managers and approval routines are as painless as possible

Does Centsoft work with Quickbooks?


How long does it take to get started?

We integrate and configure the system for you. Time from order to delivery is normally 2 weeks with no work required by you. While installing, we make all the basic settings for the system and customize it for your workflow. You as the CFO and client will need to put a maximum of 2 hours into our on-boarding process. That’s it!

How many customers does Centsoft have?

We currently have more than 2,000 customers and over 10,000 users using Centsoft every day. The number of customers increased by 30% last year and the number of processed invoices in Centsoft increased by more than 50%.

What type of business does Centsoft suit best?

Centsoft was built from the start to cater to businesses of all sizes and different industries. Our smallest customer is a one-man company with approximately 300 invoices per year, and our biggest customer processes over 70,000 invoices each year.

How much does it cost?

We charge a small installation fee and after that cost is based on per invoice processed. The total cost depends on how many invoices you process each month. Tell us how many invoices you handle each year and more about your business here.