Simple Pricing

 Invoice OCR • Approval Workflow • Quickbooks Integration • Unlimited Users

Per Invoice

Over 10,000 invoices per year? Talk with our team for even better pricing!

> What the Business Owner Likes

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Mobile approval workflow
  • Unlimited Users
  • Seamless Integration with Quickbooks Desktop and 2-Click Integration with Quickbooks Online
  • Secure Cloud Software
  • On any device 24/7
  • Fast Setup with Training Session
  • Clean Look & Feel
  • Quality with Competitive Pricing

What the Business Administrator Likes <

  • Excellent Search Function (includes invoice images and PDFs)
  • Built-In Communication
  • Invoice OCR & Scanning
  • Email Invoice Data Capture
  • Audit Trail With Timestamps
  • Reports
  • Automatic Import Of Vendor Accounts
  • Review Invoices Before They Go to ERP
  • AI Assistant Learns Your Preferences

> What Larger Organizations Like

  • Have multiple divisions of a company
  • Allows users into the system without giving them access to Quickbooks
  • Automate workflow as you need to by GL, supplier, or other parameter
  • Push button integration for both inbound and outbound data
  • Early payment discounts can be recognized quickly
  • Flag invoices and documents for further review easily

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