Offer Your Customers Supplier Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable Automation


Become a Centsoft Partner

Your customers get access to a modern Accounts Payable system that is intutive and easy to use. Our solution has great functionality and can be customised for your customers' needs. All customers use the same version of Centsoft and it configurates to different accounting systems and workflows. The Centsoft solution fits all types of companies regardless of industry and is a system that evolves as your customers grow.

The user interface is available in various languages and as we are expanding to more markets more languages are added. We offer training and the latest updates to you and all of your coworkers who will present and sell Centsoft.



Centsoft has more than 10 years experience with supplier invoice processing and AP automation. Our system is at the forefront for both user experience and technical excellence. Centsoft is constantly evolving with new functionality. More than 30,000 users worldwide have more efficient vendor invoice handling thanks to the Centsoft cloud solution.


As a partner with Centsoft you get:

Market-leading Accounts Payable system
High functionality that works globally
Training and material for you and your team
Delivery within a few weeks
Easy integration to your accounting systems
World-class support