Invoice Search

Centsoft’s Invoice Search function lets you search ANYTHING in the invoice, from line items, phone numbers, or reference numbers. This is a huge time saver that lets you find an invoice – even with minimal information!

Invoice systems have a limited search function

In many invoice systems, approvers are limited to only viewing and searching invoices approved by themselves. CentSoft allows authorized approvers to not only search their own invoices, but invoices for the entire organization. In addition, you can search based on any text information on the invoice, not only items such as supplier accounts or date intervals.

Search invoices with only the slightest detail

Search for information such as phone numbers or item codes, and get a view of all the results containing that information. Search invoices from the overview, or go to the more advanced invoice finder. When you want to search based on a supplier, project or account,  fill in the limited information you have and get a complete list of invoices that contain that search item.

Export to Excel or a PDF

Once you have obtained their search results they can export the information to Excel, or select multiple invoices from the search results and add them to a single PDF, which is easy to email or print.