Advanced Invoice Search

The search feature in Centsoft gives you complete control over invoices and invoice data. Finance staff and approvers benefit from both simple and advanced functions to obtain exactly the information that’s requested.

Centsoft’s Search Function

Centsoft has both simple and advanced search functionality for invoices and invoice data. With Simple Search, you search in traditional fields such as supplier and coding information. Search any data on an invoice, meaning you can search for any word, number, or combination thereof.

Easy search

Search for any information in an invoice such as supplier, Invoice number, date, and serial number from the ERP system. Search for different invoice statuses or labeled invoices.

Search text

A big advantage in the search function is the ability to search for any word or number on an invoice, no matter where the words or numbers are located.

Advanced search

Search for invoices based on Creation Date, Posting Date, Preliminary and Final Registration Date, Export Date, OCR and Currency. If you are managing different companies or subsidiaries, enter several organizations in the search criteria.

Smart features in the search function

Once you have obtained the invoices in search results, smart features in Centsoft give you even more options.


Merge PDF

Select the invoices to be merged into one PDF. Download a PDF that contains all the invoices that were selected.



Export invoices to Excel. Once inside Excel, the user can continue working with the search result.


Columns in the search result

By clicking on the column icon, individual users can choose what they want to see in their search results. An invoice administrator may want to see different columns than an approver, for instance.


Quick overview of the posting

Each invoice has an information symbol. Users get an overview of the posting on the invoice by hovering.


Report Feature

Get a clear view of transactions that are linked to a certain dimension, for example, supplier, account or project.

More features

Centsoft has several functions to streamline your supplier invoice management. Read more about the different features below.

Capture invoice data

Centsoft captures the invoice data from both scanned paper invoices or emailed PDFs

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Approval workflow

Improve your approval workflow with Centsoft. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final checks.

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