Invoice OCR Scanning & Capture

Centsoft automatically enters the data from both paper and emailed invoices

Scanned paper invoices are captured in the Centsoft dashboard
Emailed PDF invoices are captured and entered automatically

Automated entry of invoice data

Centsoft extracts invoice data from any emailed invoices you receive, and if you still are receiving paper invoices, it will capture all the data from the scanned invoice. Centsoft extracts all the information on the invoice and makes it available in the intuitive dashboard, ready for processing, coding, and approval.

Digitize your supplier invoice management

Manage your supplier invoices electronically. Automate invoice processing and easily search for any information on the invoices you receive.


Capture invoice data

Eliminate manually entering amounts, dates, invoice numbers and other relevant information


Search for any word on PDF

Search for any word on an invoice in Centsoft’s system


Access everywhere

Your invoices are stored in the cloud, easily access them everywhere


Reference capture

By capturing the reference, the invoice ends up with the right approver, project or cost center.


Eliminate manual data entry!

Invoice data is captured in Centsoft. The information is displayed in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Automated coding

Coding automation helps you find codes fast


Streamline the approval flow

Create rules to send invoices to project managers or approvers

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