Invoice Processing for Visma Business

The future of electronic invoicing processing is here. Approve your invoices from all types of devices – Mac, PC, your mobile and your tablet. Centsoft frees up time for more higher value tasks.

Receive & process vendor invoices in the Cloud

Invoice Processing in the Cloud for Visma Business – Seamless Integration

Centsoft has a fully transparent integration with Visma Business. All the Accounts Payable work with supplier invoices which is normally done in Visma Business is done within Centsoft. In addition to the invoices being posted to the correct account, project and cost center, you can also see the invoice image in both Centsoft and Visma Business.

Your suppliers send their PDF invoices to an email address you receive from Centsoft. Shortly after they have sent the invoice it shows up in Centsoft, digitized and ready to be processed. You only need to process and approve!


Import of registers to Centsoft Invoice

  • Supplier Directory
  • Chart of accounts with accounting rules
  • Other accounting dimensions
  • Currencies

Registration of invoices

  • Preliminary Registration
  • Final Registration
  • Prepayments
  • Paid status
  • OCR
  • Reverse VAT
  • Property Tax
  • etc.

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