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Integration with QuickBooks Desktop

Centsoft Automation automates the management of your supplier invoices. By streamlining the invoicing process, you reduce costs and get time for more fun and better invested working hours.
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How it works

Centsoft Automation is fully integrated with QuickBooks, which means that everything you do in Centsoft is automatically transferred into QuickBooks without any manual labour.



The invoices are scanned and captured


Scan your paper invoices or mail the PDF invoices to a designated capture email. The invoice arrives in Centsoft interpreted and ready for handling.



Integration to QuickBooks


Settings are automatically retrieved from QuickBooks, all registers that are needed to book an invoice, such as suppliers, chart of accounts and currencies.



Preliminary and definitive registrations


When the invoice is coded and ready in Centsoft, it goes directly over and ends up in the QuickBooks ready for payment.



Centsoft Automation streamlines the workflow from the time your supplier invoices arrive until the invoice is coded, approved and registered in QuickBooks.

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Paper invoices

You scan paper invoices and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Email or PDF invoices

Emailed PDF invoices are quickly scanned by Centsoft and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Receive supplier invoices
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Automated approval workflow

Create rules that send invoices out for approval to the right person.

Automated coding

AI learns while you work, and makes coding suggestions.

Send out for approval
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Email sent to approvers

Invoices are sent to project managers and approvers for approval.

Avoid overdue payments

Notifications and reminders when invoices are coming due.

Email notification to approvers
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Approvers see the invoice on any device

Invoices are sent based on role, amount, cost center, or project. Approvers view the invoice details and approve.

Project managers approve
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Invoices are automatically recorded

Invoices are sent to QuickBooks Desktop for payment once they are processed and approved. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Recording in QuickBooks Desktop

What can Centsoft do for your invoice processing management?

Centsoft AP Automation has a fully transparent integration with QuickBooks. All the Accounts Payable work with supplier invoices, which is normally done in QuickBooks, can now be performed in Centsoft AP Automation. In addition to the invoices being coded to the correct account, project and cost center, you can also see the invoice image in both Centsoft and QuickBooks.


Your suppliers can send their PDF invoices to an email address you will receive from us. Shortly after they have sent the invoices they show up in Centsoft AP Automation, interpreted and ready to be processed. You need only to process and approve the invoice. To make this process as smooth and easy as possible, there are a variety of ways to automate this work.



Imported from QuickBooks

  • Suppliers
  • Charts of account
  • Project
  • Cost center
  • VAT-codes

Invoice registration

  • Fully booked invoice in QuickBooks
  • Invoice image
  • Accrual
  • Reversed sales tax
  • Property VAT

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