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Centsoft offers advanced workflow for Accounts Payable operations. It’s a powerful system that suits companies of all sizes and will digitize and streamline your company’s invoice processing.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started With Vendor Invoice Processing In Centsoft

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Receiving Invoices in Centsoft

Scan and forward all vendor invoices to an email address designated by Centsoft.

Invoices are recorded in Centsoft, recognized and digitized.

Or to save a step, ask your suppliers to forward their electronic PDF invoices directly to the email address!



Vendor Invoice Processing in Centsoft

Invoices are distributed to the appropriate members of your team to approve online – wherever they are.

Centsoft is accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet and the software is configured according to your company’s approval process.

The accounts payable process is automated in Centsoft. Data enables the software to proactively suggest the best way to record and process invoices for fast and easy approval, or if an adjustment is required.

Centsoft makes it easy to monitor the status of your vendor invoices, as all of your vendor invoices are stored digitally. Our powerful search engine allows for easy access to historical data and a wide range of useful reports.



ERP System Integration

Centsoft is integrated with your existing ERP or accounting system and everything you do in Centsoft is seamlessly updated.

Centsoft automatically records important settings from your ERP system in order to record the invoice including vendor register, accounts, and currency.

Once the invoice is recorded and approved in Centsoft, it is automatically transferred to your ERP system and cleared for payment.



Automatic recognition of EDI invoices when applicable

Automatic recognition of invoices – no need to enter amount, date, invoice numbers etc.

Automate invoice recording with templates, access previously used recordings from the same vendor and automate the processing of repeat invoices

Search on all invoice data – not only on accounts used or vendor name
Create dynamic approval workflows - submit vendor invoices for approval to one or several people at once
Credit Card invoices are easily recorded and imported into Centsoft
Vendor Invoice approval in the cloud – via mobile, computer or tablet
Transparent integration with your ERP System – no repeat manual entry required
Powerful Reporting Engine – easy to collect and print multiple vendor invoices
Flag invoices – Enable Accounting to create activity lists for forwarding of re-invoices in accounts receivable, payroll adjustments etc.
Match invoices against goods received



Automate your Workflow

Centsoft is customizable to your company’s needs. Easy to use workflows automate the approval process.

We take you through the setup with your ERP system and configure the software according to your workflow and routines.

All invoices are recognised and digitized through cloud - based scanning, capturing essential data.

Centsoft matches goods received with Purchase Orders in your ERP system.


Centsoft is the result of many years of experience and best practices in vendor invoice workflow management. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Our start-up experts will configure your system and give you the training to get you up and running quickly.

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