Purchase Order

Centsoft Automation has a feature for managing deliveries and purchases. Avoid manual work and have more control.

Avoid incorrect coding and extra work

Match invoices to deliveries

Manual handling of invoices and deliveries can result in lost time, late payments and higher costs.

Automated coding

Minimize the time required for coding. Coding information is imported from your ERP or accounting system.

Advanced search

Find the invoice that matches. Search for any word or number combinations on any invoice, regardless of where the information is located.

Easier reconciliation

The purchase order/goods receipt is matched against the invoice. Avoid paying for more than you received.

How it works

Every company needs to have an efficient process for handling PO invoices. When goods are delivered, create a delivery note in the ERP. Centsoft connects with the corresponding invoice, allowing you to see if the delivery is invoiced.


Review invoice and delivery simultaneously

An invoice can only be matched to purchase orders that haven’t been processed yet. In Centsoft, these POs are presented next to the invoice page. Match the PO to the invoice.


Reduce time spent matching

Easily check delivery notes of shipments that have been delivered.


Reduce number of steps

Once the invoice is matched in Centsoft, send the invoice to your ERP for payment.

More features

Centsoft has several functions to streamline your supplier invoice management. Read more about the different features below.

Capture invoice data

Centsoft captures the invoice data from both scanned paper invoices or emailed PDFs

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Approval workflow

Improve your approval workflow with Centsoft. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final checks.

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