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Get more time to take care of customers or grow your business! Centsoft makes it easy to process and approve supplier invoices.

Centsoft in 4 easy steps

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Paper invoices

You scan paper invoices and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Email or PDF invoices

Emailed PDF invoices are quickly scanned by Centsoft and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Receive supplier invoices
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Automated approval workflow

Create rules that send invoices out for approval to the right person.

Automated coding

AI learns while you work, and makes coding suggestions.

Send out for approval
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Approvers see the invoice on any device

Invoices are sent based on role, amount, cost center, or project. Approvers view the invoice details and approve.

Project managers approve
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Invoices are automatically recorded

Invoices are sent to your ERP for payment once they are processed and approved. It does not get any easier than that!

Recording in your ERP system

Explore our features

Receive & Capture invoices

Centsoft has automated the entering of invoice data, whether it’s paper or email!

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Approval workflow

Centsoft gets invoices into the hands of the right approvers. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final review.

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Recording in your ERP system

When invoices are approved they are automatically passed to your ERP system. It does not get any easier than that!

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Advanced search

Forget binders and hard drives with invoices – Centsoft lets you and your team find any data on any invoice. Once you have obtained your search results, there are a number of smart features that allow you to continue working with the invoices.

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Easy to get started

Read more about how easy it is to get started with Centsoft. We help you customise the system so that you can work efficiently from day one.

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Purchase Order Matching

Centsoft Automation has a feature that can handles deliveries / purchases in your organisation. To avoid manual work while getting better control.

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Artificial Intelligence

Automatic coding, or machine learning which is the correct technical term, is Centsoft’s latest innovation to streamline and improve the work with coding.

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Centsoft for different roles

Centsoft Automation is a cloud-based solution that automates the invoice management process. Whether you work with the technical part or are an approver, Centsoft makes it easier for you so that you can spend time and resources on your daily tasks.

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