Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Here you will find the answers to the most common questions. Can’t find the answer to a question? Contact us here.

What will be the benefit for my business?

You get a modern system that provides control, searchability and time savings. At the same time, you have full transparency that simplifies auditing and gives you full control over your invoice and workflows.

We already have a solution for our invoices, what do we do with the history if we switch to Centsoft?

We can retrieve data from several different systems. Contact us to see how we collect your history!


What sets you apart from other invoice management systems?

When customers compare the different solutions available on the market, our system usually excels in its user-friendliness and high functionality. You get started quickly in the intuitive system that clearly gives you an overview of your work. In addition to this, we have many smart features that can be tailored to your needs.

What does Centsoft cost?

We have a start-up cost where installation, project management and training are included. Thereafter, it is a monthly cost based on your invoice volume that includes scanning, capture and hosting. Support and unlimited number of users are always included!

How do we get started?

Our onboarding experts set up the system together with you to give you the best conditions. We help you get approval flows in place, while we identify which steps can be automated. If you have questions on an ongoing basis or if your needs change, you can contact our support!

Do I have to change my billing address? How do I notify all suppliers?

Depends on how you receive invoices today. If you already have an, no suppliers will be affected. We have templates you can send to your suppliers to communicate the change to PDF invoices to reduce paper handling.

How fast can we get started?

We integrate and configure the systems for you. The lead time from order to delivery is normally 2-3 weeks and does not involve any work for you as a customer. In connection with the installation, we make all basic settings of the system and adapt it to your working methods. A 2-hour training gives you everything you need to know about the system.


What companies is Centsoft Automation suitable for?

Centsoft Automation has been built from the beginning to suit companies of all sizes and industries. Because we have connections to the market’s most common ERP system (and are constantly adding integrations!), we reach out to all types of customers. There are also many accounting firms that choose Centsoft Automation in order to streamline the management of their customers’ accounts payable.

How do we save time?

You save time in basically every step of the flow! You avoid the manual work of typing in the information from the invoice (the capture handles it for you). You quickly receive the invoice for approval with automated posting, where the approval flow can also be automated so that the invoice is passed on automatically to the next person. This shortens the approval period! Afterwards, you can quickly look up invoices and avoid sifting through folders!

How can we receive invoices?

PDF – Scan or email your PDF invoices to your personal capture address with us – get captured invoices within 5 minutes!