Invoice Capture Software for Your Accounts Payable

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invoice capture software

Eliminate Manual Keying with Invoice Capture Software


Manually entering invoice data eats up a lot of time and can be a stressful part of your day. Having spoken with many prospects and customers over the last year, we have found that manual invoice data entry is one of the main reasons business owners are seeking ways to automate their accounts payable functions.


If you are researching invoice data capture software make sure you look at products that give you a full feature set. You don’t want to just capture the invoice information, you also want to be able to setup an approval workflow so that your incoming vendor invoices can be approved by members of your team.


As well, you want to have a good integration with your ERP or accounting system, so that information is shared back and forth with the invoice capture software, thus avoiding even more detailed work.


Benefits of using Centsoft invoice capture software

invoice capture software

As an example, with Centsoft the emailed or paper invoice appears in the dashboard, with all of the data fields filled out. You can review the invoice to ensure the data is accurate before sending it out for approval, or sending it to your accounting system for payment.


Another benefit of having your invoices scanned by software is that the data is now searchable in an archive. That means you can search for any information that was on the invoice, and find the invoice to review. And because the data is stored in the cloud, you have the extra security of knowing all of your vendor invoices are secure and off site.


Centsoft integrates with popular ERPs such as QuickBooks Online and Desktop, NetSuite, Dynamics 365, Workday and SAP Business One. The software automatically imports the vendor register, vendor accounts, and currencies, and our success team helps you set it all up.


Book a demo today and see how Centsoft can release you from the drudgery of “data entry”.