Import Vendor Invoices into Quickbooks Desktop and Online Quickly

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Adding vendor invoice information into Quickbooks can be a time-consuming task, because often business owners or administrators have to manually key in all of the information on the vendor invoices they receive.

Centsoft AP Automation extracts invoice data from mailed or emailed vendor invoices, and imports all of the information into the Centsoft dashboard automatically. This can greatly reduce the time and effort administrators spend entering vendor invoice information.

For emailed invoices, the invoice is sent to a Centsoft email address and the invoice is processed in the cloud. The administrator sees the registered invoice inside Centsoft within minutes, and can proceed with processing and approving the expenditure or make an adjustment if required.

For paper invoices, the administrator sends the scanned invoice to the same email and it is processed in the cloud as well. The invoice shows up in Centsoft’s intuitive dashboard, where the administrator or business owner can send it out for approval to their team.

Centsoft has a complete mobile approval workflow that lets businesses get invoices approved quickly and efficiently. Centsoft has built-in communication so each and every invoice is trackable. Approvals can be made on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone 24/7 – an important feature that reduces back-and-forth emails and missed payments.

Using Centsoft Accounts Payable automation gives business owners access to smart workflows that allow users more control, fewer mistakes, save time, and have an advanced search function at their fingertips.

The Centsoft search engine gives fast access to any invoice data including line items. Small business owners can do a search on all the invoice data – not only “accounts used” or vendor name – which is a big feature for time-strapped owners looking to get the important information they need quickly.

With business owners only paying for each invoice they process, Centsoft is an economical choice for small businesses processing and approving 4,000 or more vendor invoices every year.

Centsoft is integrated with Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online, and everything users do in Centsoft is seamlessly updated in Quickbooks.

For more information about Centsoft Invoice OCR visit /centsoft-invoice-ocr-for-quickbooks/