AP Automation for Quickbooks Desktop Integration is Fast for Business Owners

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Business owners appreciate when the cloud software they purchase integrates quickly with Quickbooks Desktop.Complicated and time-consuming integrations is a headache time-strapped businesses want to avoid.

Centsoft AP Automation cloud software for small businesses integrates with Quickbooks Desktop, and business owners are appreciating the fast setup time.

Quickbooks Desktop is one of the world’s leading accounting packages for small and medium sized businesses. Having a seamless integration for AP automation software with Quickbooks is important for small businesses that do not have the resources to deal with complicated technical integrations.

The Centsoft success team gets Quickbooks users up and running with their approval workflow and invoice automation quickly. When Centsoft integrates with Quickbooks Desktop it automatically imports important settings including the vendor register, vendor accounts, and currencies.

Centsoft automates the process of capturing both emailed and paper invoices, making all the invoice data available in an intuitive dashboard. That eliminates the manual keying of invoice data into Quickbooks Desktop – a task that is time-consuming and error-prone. 


Centsoft has built-in communication so each and every invoice is trackable. Approvals can be made on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone 24/7 – an important feature that reduces back-and-forth emails and missed payments.


The Centsoft search engine gives fast access to historical data and a wide range of reports. Small business owners can do a search on all the invoice data – not only “accounts used” or vendor name – which is a big feature for time-strapped owners looking to get the important information they need quickly.

With business owners only paying for each invoice they process, Centsoft is an economical choice for small businesses processing and approving 4,000 or more vendor invoices every year.


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