Approval Workflow

Centsoft streamlines your approval workflow so that invoices are handled by the right person in the right order. Business rules are based on projects, cost centers or amounts.

Automate your approval workflow
The right info to the right person

Automated Approval Workflow

Approve your supplier invoices electronically. The approval workflow is streamlined so you can work from a computer, telephone or tablet. Set up rules to send the invoices to be approved to the right people in the right order.


Access everywhere

You can easily access your invoices and can approve them from a computer, telephone or tablet.


Automatic approval in several steps

Through the rules you dictate, invoices are handled by the right project managers or approvers.


Audit trail

See who has been managing the invoice. Time-stamped audit trail for investigations or auditors.

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Email notification

New invoices to approve? An automated email is sent out with a link to your invoices for easy access.


Internal messages

Communicate with your colleagues directly in the system. Add a note to the invoice or send messages to each other. Or email directly from the system with an invoice as an attachment!

Label invoices

Create optional “flags” to, for example, remember a task linked to an invoice. These invoices are placed in a folder on your home page in Centsoft. You can quickly find invoices that are to be re-invoiced, blocked, or credited.

How it works

Centsoft Automation streamlines the workflow from the time your supplier invoices arrive until the invoice is coded, approved and booked in the ERP system.

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Paper invoices

You scan paper invoices and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Email or PDF invoices

Emailed PDF invoices are quickly scanned by Centsoft and the data is automatically entered into the intuitive Centsoft dashboard.

Receive supplier invoices
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Email sent to approvers

Invoices are sent to project managers and approvers for approval.

Avoid overdue payments

Notifications and reminders when invoices are coming due.

Email notification to approvers
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Approvers see the invoice on any device

Invoices are sent based on role, amount, cost center, or project. Approvers view the invoice details and approve.

Project managers approve
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Invoices are automatically recorded

Invoices are sent to your ERP for payment once they are processed and approved. It does not get any easier than that!

Recording in your ERP system

Approve with one click!

Approve and have access to all your invoices in the office, at home or on the go. It does not get any easier than that!

Automatic approval flow

The invoices are automatically sent to the next person, all according to predetermined rules!


Easy to find all invoices

You can subsequently search for previous invoices using a variety of parameters.

More features

Centsoft has several functions to streamline your supplier invoice management. Read more about the different features below.

Capture invoice data

Centsoft captures the invoice data from both scanned paper invoices or emailed PDFs

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Approval workflow

Improve your approval workflow with Centsoft. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final checks.

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