AP Automation for SAP Business One

Easy to Use | Invoice Data Capture | Fast Integration

Centsoft for SAP Business One in 3 Easy Steps

Ap automation for sap business one

Invoice Capture and Mobile Approval Workflow

ap automation quickbooks desktop

1. Digitize Invoices in Centsoft

Scan paper invoices directly in Centsoft, or have your suppliers forward their electronic PDF invoices directly to your designated Centsoft email address. Invoices are recorded in the intuitive Centsoft dashboard, ready for processing!

2. Approval Workflow

Create dynamic approval workflows - submit vendor invoices for approval to one or several people at once and approve anywhere 24/7.

Centsoft is accessible from computer, smartphone or tablet.

3. AI Assist

AI software proactively suggests the best way to record and process invoices for fast and easy approval, or if an adjustment is required.

4. Powerful Search Engine

Our powerful search engine allows for easy access to historical data and a wide range of useful reports. Search on ALL invoice data – not only on accounts used or vendor name.

5. SAP Business One Integration

Centsoft integrates with SAP Business One, and the setup is done quickly by our success team.

Centsoft automatically records important settings including vendor register, accounts, and currency.

6. Automated Accounts Payable

Once the invoice is recorded and approved in Centsoft, it’s automatically transferred to SAP Business One and ready for payment.

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