AP Automation for Real Estate Companies

ap automation for real estate companies

Easy to Use

  • Book supplier invoices to different real estate projects
  • System automatically sends invoice to the proper approver by laptop or mobile

Reduce Workloads

  • Keeps finance people happy because it reduces their workload
  • Keeps project managers happy because they get a one-click approval process

Work Faster

  • Built in AI learns your account codes for faster posting
  • Search invoices by address, zip codes, part numbers, or any other details


AP Automation in the Cloud





  • Invoices are captured automatically
    Paper and emailed invoices are digitized right in Centsoft!
  • Automated approval workflow
    Communicate with everyone on your team
  • Approve invoices anywhere 24/7
    Laptop, smartphones or tablets
  • Seamless integration with your ERP
    Connects with your favourite accounting system

“We saved both time and
money using Centsoft’s
invoice processing
automation system.”

Carin Isacson
CFO, CFD Consulting

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation for Real Estate